What emotional triggers have you realized exist in your life? Did any new ones come up for you since becoming a mom? Let’s assess some common emotional struggles that are real for all moms.

We can’t hide from the omnipresent wise children we love. My little one always seems to locate my shadows and shine her bright light straight into them. As someone who was raised a perfectionist this makes me squirm. Since becoming a mom myself it seems I cannot escape my imperfections!

I use Bach Flowers when I can’t shake negative feelings and need extra emotional support.


When you often second guess yourself and feel like you’ve done it (read everything) wrong … even though the bar for success you’ve established is always raising higher and higher, making whatever is deemed “perfect” in your mind ever unachievable. When you know you’re becoming overly self critical take Pine.

Overbearing and Controlling

Can you admit to yourself that sometimes you become too controlling? No one wants to admit this! A good indicator that you’ve been too controlling is that you feel defensive when asked about it.

Sometimes as mom we feel like we can’t find a place of our own we start pushing our feelings onto others (especially those closest to us). If we can’t control ourselves, then it’s easier to try to control others. Chicory helps us release our loved ones and allow ourselves to give without expecting something in return.


Our delightful children seem to always be talking. Some don’t sleep through the night. A small baby’s needs are constant and some moms feel it’s hard to find space to get a shower. When you’re emotionally exhausted and you wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed, look for Olive.


Do I really need to explain what overwhelm feels like to a mom? Unlikely! You already know what I mean. The responsibilities that fall onto the maternal figure are paramount and often skewed from generations of cultural expectations laid out long before us. This one is easy to remember, because the remedy is hidden within the name of the flower. See? OverwhELM.

The Bach Flowers are wonderful helpers when you’re feeling these or any other emotions stirred up by motherhood. What other feelings within you need healing? These are just four emotions and generalized, but in a private consultation, we can get to the core of your personal struggles. The flowers work for me, and I love helping moms one-on-one to rise out of emotional turmoil.

Real human connection is the best remedy. If you’re down but not allowing yourself to be vulnerable that can be the hardest part of all to overcome. Never be afraid to reach out to another human.

Be well, sister.