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Jennifer Ayers has over fifteen years of experience using holistic healing with her family and friends. She’s been called a “good witch” by those who know her dear. She has an evangelical (as her husband says) passion for educating others on the gentle and natural healing modalities Mother Earth offers.

She believes that all of this is real life magic.

Through her private consultations she delightfully marries yoga, flower essences, herbalism, reiki, and homeopathy and teaches you how to incorporate these healing modalities into your family’s daily life. Additionally she offers workshops in natural birth, homebirth, and private consultations in parental support for new moms and moms of toddlers.

Some things to know about her:

  • Delivered her daughter (2016) and son (2021) happily and health-fully at home (both labors fewer than 5 hours). This made her realize that sharing positive birth stories can recolor the picture of our cultural birthing expectations.
  • She received yoga training at Hot Yoga Copenhagen and is certified in heated- or not- hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga. She studied at the Bach Flower School in England and is currently studying to become an Aromatherapist with the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.
  • Speaks French well enough to get invited, by locals, to family parties while touring Nice during Carnivale, and is currently learning Danish by listening to children’s songs and reading children’s books to her three year old. Skal vi lege?
  • After outdoor flower markets, her favorite place to visit when traveling to a new town is the Apotek. She majorly fan-girled out when she got to shop at Helios Homeopathy in London’s Covent Garden.
  • She has lived in England and Denmark and visited Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, France (four times), Italy (three times), Greece (twice), Germany (four times), Slovenia, Austria (twice), Faroe Islands (other-wordly), Guadeloupe, Bahamas, Canada, Scotland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Monaco, Vatican City, and dreams of one day visiting magical Ireland.
  • Her big dreams for the future are studying to become a Homeopath, opening a whimsical Scandinavian forest school, and owning a Waldorf toy shop like Skovalfen in Copenhagen.
  • Her favorite scent is lavender and her favorite flavor macaron is rose from Ladurée.
  • Began teaching private music lessons as a seventh grader and is a highly sought after voice, piano, and acting teacher.
  • Created her own fairytale kingdom and has performed for hundreds of children’s events in the Washington, DC area since 2008. She now enjoys sharing the magic of the stories with her own little fairy princess, too.

Along her journey she has been inspired by so many incredible female voices. Some of her favorites include: Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Shirley McClaine, Ina May Gaskins, Janet Balaskas, Brene Brown, Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Gilbert, Diane Haworth, and Danielle Laporte.

Every woman’s world is like a garden. 
We nourish our relationships or we suffocate them.
We shine our light onto them or we cast our darkness.
We tend or we trample.
We cultivate what survives.

Jennifer Ayers