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Back to School Remedies Part 2

As a child, back to school was my favorite time of year and now that I’m a mom I look at this time entirely differently. Now I think about what our family needs to support us at home instead of stocking up on allllllll the Lisa Frank notebooks and pens and markers I can possibly get my hands on. As summer comes to a close, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to have in my back to school apothecary.

Without fail, I have these Essential Oils on hand:

Breathe Essential Oil Blend

On Guard Blend

Shield Essential Oil Blend

Sleep Essential Oil Blend

For regular family use, a 1oz bottle is just right. If there’s one that you use more than others (for me, that’s something like Sleep or lavender) I’d get a larger size.

Hydrosols are much gentler than concentrated essential oils for those with little children and my favorites are Eucalyptus and Lavender.

My favorite Hand Sanitizer is On Guard from doTERRA by far! These make great teacher gifts, too.

And get some of this lovely Lavender Linen Spray for restful nights for parents and kids alike.

Happy Back to School, everyone.

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