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Must Have Back to School Remedies pt. 1

back to school
back to school

 This year in particular is a tricky one for going back to school. The pandemic is expected to see a resurgence and there are already so many versions of what “back to school” looks like this year.

Listen to hear what I keep on hand in our home apothecary for this time of year.

Think how much calmer the school environment would be if every family knew about these remedies. Don’t keep it a secret all for you! Share the healing knowledge with the moms in your neighborhood and classroom. Imagine the future in a world where holistic healing is revered and respected by again. 


1:30 Avoiding Sick

4:30 Homeopathy When Sickness Strikes

8:08 Bach Flowers

8:38 Emotional Support for Back to School

Elderberry Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine 

 Share the wealth. Share these jewels. We have to stick together, mothers. For the sake of our children’s health!

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