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How to Make the Best of the Worst Year Ever and Rediscover Resilience

This is not going to be the easiest listen, but you need to hear it. The seasons have changed. Autumn is here. We made it to October 2020… somehow!

I’ve been watching the mommy world lately… and it’s been exhausting. Everyone is burned out and we need another way to cope with our responsibilities than hiding our problems in #mommysjuice. If you’ve fallen into this way of coping, no shame… you just obviously need some perspective and a healthier way to deal with the burdens of motherhood in 2020. Listen, and I’ll show you how to find gratitude and save your glass of wine as an luxurious indulgence instead of the only way you make it through the day.

As we end the weirdest year of our lifetime reduce your pace to slow and intentional. If you do nothing else, stop worrying about how your family is not checking off every annual holiday tradition this year. Be open to making some new traditions. Be adaptable. Listen to what I’m planning for my family and give yourself a break. While it isn’t going to be what you hoped for… it might just end up being magical.

As a yoga instructor I ask my students to do this and I ask the same of you…I challenge you to breathe into the pain when what I say causes you to be uncomfortable. It is not possible to grow without pain. While it’s okay to feel burned out… it’s not okay to sink into whining. Dig deep to find the teeny spark of resilience left in your being and use the magic of everyday life to reignite your soul fire.


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