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Integrating Presence into Motherhood and Growing Strength Within

In this episode of “Sisters in Motherhood”, I interview Monica Fernandi of Grow Strength Within. She is a cherished friend who I admire in many ways. Monica, is a beloved yoga teacher deeply rooted in love and spiritual strength. She has a message that encourages all of us to plant seeds of positivity, peace, and acceptance. From climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp (which she did in the Fall of 2019) to giving birth to three unique souls (the last of whom just graduated from Virginia Tech Class of 2020), her story entails true perseverance and determination

It’s so rare that we have moments to ask the wisdom of other mothers, especially those in other generations. So often we shoot down advice anyone offers, as if we must stand alone as a mountain of mothering. If we do open our hearts to welcome insight from others, we don’t normally reach out to women outside of our family.

I feel lucky to have had a chance to speak with her in this way, woman to woman. Though I consider Monica a close soul sister (she was an integral part of the Blessingway celebration for my daughter), without the podcast, I doubt I would have ever had the opportunity to ask her these questions.

I know you will love this episode as much as I did recording it with her! Listen to Integrating Presence into Motherhood and Growing Strength Within.

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