The pandemic has really impacted the year 2020, but we just don’t have to live in fear. Under the current full moon in Libra we are finding things illuminated that we need to LET GO. Have you been feeling it, too? Really dive deep and decide what’s no longer serving you on your path of inner growth. You are free to blossom.

Maybe you need to let go of fear and escape the trap it sets for you. You have more control of your health than you might know. Here’s is a LIVE video I recorded to help you prepare your home apothecary at this strange time.

Please let me know if this helps your family! I want you to know you do not have to live in fear during this time. In the video I list many things you can do to arm yourself against the common ailments characterizing the current situation… and even some emotional support for anxiety (the worst plague of all) and being “stuck” at home with your family.

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As always, find the light!