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Gentle Birth Coaching

My online birth coaching is finally here! I’ve been preparing this for two years and I can’t wait to share it with you. Please share this post with your favorite mommy-to-be. 

My Gentle Birth education includes personalized yoga sequences that physically train your body for your birthing day and postpartum.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training… so why would you give birth without it?

Women possess secrets deep within- would you like to learn what they are? You were made to give birth with gentle and graceful feminine power.

Let me lovingly guide you on your path to motherhood. 

“Jennifer’s advice, guidance, and caring conversation was the single most influential part of my pregnancy and childbirth experience. Before I began working with Jennifer, I was unsure of my pregnancy and birthing choices. I thought I could stay with my OBGYN and “see how things go” when I eventually got to the delivery room. Most of the women in my family had a natural childbirth, so I figured I would be able to do the same without any planning or preparation. Although I had no fear surrounding childbirth itself, I was surprisingly anxious about being pregnant. It was a planned pregnancy, however I found myself overwhelmed with how fast everything was changing.

Before working with Jennifer I would definitely describe the experience as “out of my control.” Jennifer listened to me and pointed me in the direction of information and resources to help guide my pregnancy and childbirth choices. Within weeks I made the decision to switch from an OBGYN to a more traditional, holistic midwife practice. I hired a birth doula and began reading everything I could get my hands on.

Jennifer was an outstanding guide, always sending me encouragement and inspiration, as well as helpful information she came across that she wanted to share with me. I stopped having so much anxiety and began to see pregnancy as a beautiful, divine miracle. Jennifer guided me every step of the way, and I took almost every suggestion she gave me, from books, birthing classes, prenatal yoga, breastfeeding resources, supplements, to helping me find a certified prenatal chiropractor. Her tone was caring and honest, and I appreciated how she normalized some of the less spoken-about parts of pregnancy and childbirth.

In the end, I had a powerfully transformative natural birthing experience in a hospital setting. I can’t imagine what my birth story would sound like if not for the amazing wealth of knowledge that Jennifer shared with me during this process. I will forever be grateful!”

– Heather P.

You can do this!!! You were made for this!

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Healing Common Struggles in Motherhood

What emotional triggers have you realized exist in your life? Did any new ones come up for you since becoming a mom? Let’s assess some common emotional struggles that are real for all moms.

We can’t hide from the omnipresent wise children we love. My little one always seems to locate my shadows and shine her bright light straight into them. As someone who was raised a perfectionist this makes me squirm. Since becoming a mom myself it seems I cannot escape my imperfections!

I use Bach Flowers when I can’t shake negative feelings and need extra emotional support.


When you often second guess yourself and feel like you’ve done it (read everything) wrong … even though the bar for success you’ve established is always raising higher and higher, making whatever is deemed “perfect” in your mind ever unachievable. When you know you’re becoming overly self critical take Pine.

Overbearing and Controlling

Can you admit to yourself that sometimes you become too controlling? No one wants to admit this! A good indicator that you’ve been too controlling is that you feel defensive when asked about it.

Sometimes as mom we feel like we can’t find a place of our own we start pushing our feelings onto others (especially those closest to us). If we can’t control ourselves, then it’s easier to try to control others. Chicory helps us release our loved ones and allow ourselves to give without expecting something in return.


Our delightful children seem to always be talking. Some don’t sleep through the night. A small baby’s needs are constant and some moms feel it’s hard to find space to get a shower. When you’re emotionally exhausted and you wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed, look for Olive.


Do I really need to explain what overwhelm feels like to a mom? Unlikely! You already know what I mean. The responsibilities that fall onto the maternal figure are paramount and often skewed from generations of cultural expectations laid out long before us. This one is easy to remember, because the remedy is hidden within the name of the flower. See? OverwhELM.

The Bach Flowers are wonderful helpers when you’re feeling these or any other emotions stirred up by motherhood. What other feelings within you need healing? These are just four emotions and generalized, but in a private consultation, we can get to the core of your personal struggles. The flowers work for me, and I love helping moms one-on-one to rise out of emotional turmoil.

Real human connection is the best remedy. If you’re down but not allowing yourself to be vulnerable that can be the hardest part of all to overcome. Never be afraid to reach out to another human.

Be well, sister.

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Depression in Times of Extreme Isolation and How Bach Flowers can be the Friend to Get You Out of Your Slump

It’s not the kind of isolation you felt in middle school when you didn’t get to sit in the cool seats on the bus… and it’s deeper than the isolation you felt when your parents grounded you or inflicted curfews on weekends in high school, keeping you home while your friends were out partying. This is likely longer and certainly stranger than any form of isolation any of us has experienced before.

Isolation can breed a new level of negative emotions and/or exacerbate our triggers sending us into a state of deep depression. Whether you’re a mother of four or a college student, we’re all out of our comfort zone in a really new way and with absolutely no warning. Yeah, sure, we all experience waves of ups and downs, but now more than ever, it’s important to get control of ourselves.

I know you are thinking, “How?!” First, remember that if you allow them to, all feelings come and go… and second, Bach Flowers can help you when you can’t help yourself.

When your routine is whack, the kids are driving you insane, and you can’t get out and meet with friends to shake off sad feelings (as strangely wonderful virtual happy hours may be), here’s a few go to remedies to support your depression.

Mustard – depression unexplainably comes and goes, with no warning.
Gentian– when depressed by setbacks that you’d usually be able to navigate more effectively.
Gorse– addresses those feelings when you feel so stuck that you just give up hope
Cherry Plum– gets you back on track when you feel you might lose control of your emotions and actions.

Join our Study Group Sisterhood on Facebook and connect to learn more! Though most people wish to keep vulnerabilities private, we’ve been anonymously discussing some of the emotions attached to this lock down on the group. If you want to follow along we’d be happy to have you with us.

Let’s get real, you’re not the only one isolated this time. We’re ALL isolated together. Though challenging, it’s ironically beautiful, so don’t get lost down a rabbit hole of (a)loneliness. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s feelings here, but I do know it’s easy for us humans to become overly self-focused… and we all know that just spirals down into more anxiety and depression.

Let me know how the flower essences help! If that’s still not enough, there’s been a brilliant surgence of mental health support out there. So seek out while you stay in. Here’s a chart to help you keep perspective from Mama Z at Natural Living Family.

We ALL are experiencing a humbling common human experience for at least the first time in my lifetime and maybe your’s, too. Above all… remember that the entire WORLD is experiencing this! I’m calling it a “Global Grounding”. Mother Earth… or at least this strand of coronavirus has grounded everyone.

If you’re wondering how to support your family through the flu symptoms and are searching for remedies to help listen to the podcast I recorded in the wake of the Covid-19 exposure in our area. I mention other emotional issues associated with quarantine and the Bach Flower remedies to help.

Cold and Flu Remedies and Handling Anxiety during a Global Pandemic LIVE

Be well, sisters.

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Natural Healing for Colds & Flus

The pandemic has really impacted the year 2020, but we just don’t have to live in fear. Under the current full moon in Libra we are finding things illuminated that we need to LET GO. Have you been feeling it, too? Really dive deep and decide what’s no longer serving you on your path of inner growth. You are free to blossom.

Maybe you need to let go of fear and escape the trap it sets for you. You have more control of your health than you might know. Here’s is a LIVE video I recorded to help you prepare your home apothecary at this strange time.

Please let me know if this helps your family! I want you to know you do not have to live in fear during this time. In the video I list many things you can do to arm yourself against the common ailments characterizing the current situation… and even some emotional support for anxiety (the worst plague of all) and being “stuck” at home with your family.

Oh! Join my Facebook Group to download the free PDF that accompanies this video.

As always, find the light!


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Mothering in Isolation

I struggled with feeling stuck for a long time with a new baby. Where I lived at the time, I found one other stay at home mom… everyone else was working in high level jobs. The women I saw at storytime were all nannies at their day job. I appreciated their conversation at the library, but it just wasn’t the same as having a group of new moms to cling to. I was thankful after finding my one stay at home mom friend experiencing the same feelings, concerns, and insanity that I was as a new mom.

  • by gardenofgaia
    This month on the podcast, I'm diving into a dangerous trend shredding the mothering community. It's time to set mothers free from the self-care trap! I encourage you to shift your perspective of self-care internally and stop looking externally to fill your cup. Take time figuring out what fills your soul, instead of what makes […]
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Podcast is live!

After years of dreaming, I finally made the plunge into the podcast world. I am terrified to take on this project as editing it alone takes much longer than revising a simple blog post. Most of all…I’m feeling apprehensive to share my voice in this way, but I’ve been pregnant with this idea for so long, it’s time to bring it to life.

My hope, though it exists on the internet, is for this to encourage you explore body, mind, and spirit healing and to open your heart to seek real connections within your community. I recognize the irony in trying to create real human connection via an online podcast, but my purpose for doing so is to give you the key to open the gate to get you talking where you are.

This podcast is my most heartfelt and sincere offering. I plan to include some of the most vulnerable places we go to as women on the map. I also intend to explore subjects that challenge our old habits and beliefs; maybe even make you wiggle in your own self-reflection. I never shy away from self-improvement, no matter how painful the introspection may be. I find self-realization to be the most healing modality. It is greater than any tarot card, bible verse, astrological or psychic reading. We already have the answers within us.

I am most looking forward to sharing my interviews in the Sisters in Motherhood episodes. Oh my! The stories we have to tell, sisters. Yes, just normal people living their lives! This has been my favorite project of all. I get the chance to chat with real moms making it work out there in the world. I have been privileged to ask deep questions I never would have in a normal conversation. What a gift. My life is richer for listening to these stories and I hope you find your’s will be, too.

You can listen here:

Love and light,


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More Than Noise

Contrary to how the rest of the world seems to be functioning, instead of aiming for quantity, I feel called to focus on quality. I strive to create meaningful content instead of noise to keep the garden’s presence alive for social media algorithms. Subscribe to the podcast or join the newsletter to receive thoughtful insight on how you can incorporate holistic healing into your garden.