After years of dreaming, I finally made the plunge into the podcast world. I am terrified to take on this project as editing it alone takes much longer than revising a simple blog post. Most of all…I’m feeling apprehensive to share my voice in this way, but I’ve been pregnant with this idea for so long, it’s time to bring it to life.

My hope, though it exists on the internet, is for this to encourage you explore body, mind, and spirit healing and to open your heart to seek real connections within your community. I recognize the irony in trying to create real human connection via an online podcast, but my purpose for doing so is to give you the key to open the gate to get you talking where you are.

This podcast is my most heartfelt and sincere offering. I plan to include some of the most vulnerable places we go to as women on the map. I also intend to explore subjects that challenge our old habits and beliefs; maybe even make you wiggle in your own self-reflection. I never shy away from self-improvement, no matter how painful the introspection may be. I find self-realization to be the most healing modality. It is greater than any tarot card, bible verse, astrological or psychic reading. We already have the answers within us.

I am most looking forward to sharing my interviews in the Sisters in Motherhood episodes. Oh my! The stories we have to tell, sisters. Yes, just normal people living their lives! This has been my favorite project of all. I get the chance to chat with real moms making it work out there in the world. I have been privileged to ask deep questions I never would have in a normal conversation. What a gift. My life is richer for listening to these stories and I hope you find your’s will be, too.

You can listen here:

Love and light,