You’re probably feeling incredibly vulnerable already, sister, so let’s find some natural ways to support you during this time. We’ll use aromatherapy, herbalism, flower essences, and yoga to help you get back where you want to be.

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to need support right now. I experienced postpartum depression with my daughter and not only did I hate myself for it, it distanced me from feeling truly connected to the new delight of my life, my new baby. Give yourself time to heal and adjust to this newly very important person in your life.

60 minute consultation

This consultation is at a special low price for new moms like you.



Though glorious, it’s the hardest change you’ll ever experience… becoming a mother. Whether it’s with me, or someone else, remember to keep your feelings on the table during this challenging season. It’s so important to talk about your frustration, especially if it’s clouding out your new mom joy.