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Reigniting Hope Meditation

I’m writing this in the late afternoon following the most glorious and releasing full moon of 2020. Cancer is where the moon lies in my birth chart and so it is dear to me. That paired with the little bundle our family is expecting in just two months time means I am in full on home/family and nesting mode.

I hope you and your family snuggle into coziness in the dark of the year. That’s what I’m talking about this month on the podcast. If you find winter a struggle, then have a listen all the way until the end for the Surrender Meditation and reignite your hope.

Isn’t it lovely that during the darkest days of the year we are invited to illuminate our purest inner light?

At the end of this podcast I’ll invite you to take a few minutes to settle into a meditation on surrendering to the darkness and re-igniting hope.

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Brene Brown says, “The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.” @brenebrown 

Reigniting hope is what religions and beliefs celebrate across the world at this the darkest time of the year. Have you ever considered that every belief system has a common theme during the holidays? The sun comes back from its lowest point in the sky. A newborn baby shocks us into the divine present moment. Abundance of the oil lasting- a miracle has happened here. The New Year ushers in the new as we release the old making way for new beginnings. 

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