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Book Jennifer to host one of her inspiring courses. She yearns to share the wisdom in natural health and motherhood she has gathered and fills each class with her heart and soul. You will be forever changed by attending one of her deeply healing workshops.

Yoga for the Moon Cycles – We are all made of stars! Yoga flow manifesting with the full or new moon. Scheduled around the lunar cycle.

Prenatal Yoga & Birth Prep – Learn how to use yogic techniques you can actually use on your birthing day for a natural and magical birth experience. She had her first baby painlessly (no- not joking here) in less than 6 hours using this method. You don’t have to be planning a fully natural birth to benefit from this course.

Yoga for the New Mom – After the birth of your baby, you are no longer who you were. The old you is cast away like a snakes sheds it’s skin. This is a time for great celebration, but it is also a time to mourn the you that was. This yoga study will nourish you body and spirit as you navigate one of life’s greatest passageways, motherhood. This is the class Jennifer wishes she had postpartum!

Chakra Detox Yoga – Working with the powerful wheels of energy throughout our body. We go at a pace that gets us off course, it’s important to take time to reconfigure our systems.

Yoga for Empaths – For our peaceful warriors who struggle with holding safe boundaries in their lives. Also beneficial for those struggling with anxiety.

Yoga & Herbs for the Female Cycle – Balancing our cycles starts first with knowing how to flow with them. Learn ways you can support your body physically to heal the mental strain during the intense feminine cycles of life.

New Year Manifesting- In depth course that will rewire your brain and get your focused on what you really want from life. Best when scheduled around the first full moon of the New Year.

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