It’s not the kind of isolation you felt in middle school when you didn’t get to sit in the cool seats on the bus… and it’s deeper than the isolation you felt when your parents grounded you or inflicted curfews on weekends in high school, keeping you home while your friends were out partying. This is likely longer and certainly stranger than any form of isolation any of us has experienced before.

Isolation can breed a new level of negative emotions and/or exacerbate our triggers sending us into a state of deep depression. Whether you’re a mother of four or a college student, we’re all out of our comfort zone in a really new way and with absolutely no warning. Yeah, sure, we all experience waves of ups and downs, but now more than ever, it’s important to get control of ourselves.

I know you are thinking, “How?!” First, remember that if you allow them to, all feelings come and go… and second, Bach Flowers can help you when you can’t help yourself.

When your routine is whack, the kids are driving you insane, and you can’t get out and meet with friends to shake off sad feelings (as strangely wonderful virtual happy hours may be), here’s a few go to remedies to support your depression.

Mustard – depression unexplainably comes and goes, with no warning.
Gentian– when depressed by setbacks that you’d usually be able to navigate more effectively.
Gorse– addresses those feelings when you feel so stuck that you just give up hope
Cherry Plum– gets you back on track when you feel you might lose control of your emotions and actions.

Join our Study Group Sisterhood on Facebook and connect to learn more! Though most people wish to keep vulnerabilities private, we’ve been anonymously discussing some of the emotions attached to this lock down on the group. If you want to follow along we’d be happy to have you with us.

Let’s get real, you’re not the only one isolated this time. We’re ALL isolated together. Though challenging, it’s ironically beautiful, so don’t get lost down a rabbit hole of (a)loneliness. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s feelings here, but I do know it’s easy for us humans to become overly self-focused… and we all know that just spirals down into more anxiety and depression.

Let me know how the flower essences help! If that’s still not enough, there’s been a brilliant surgence of mental health support out there. So seek out while you stay in. Here’s a chart to help you keep perspective from Mama Z at Natural Living Family.

We ALL are experiencing a humbling common human experience for at least the first time in my lifetime and maybe your’s, too. Above all… remember that the entire WORLD is experiencing this! I’m calling it a “Global Grounding”. Mother Earth… or at least this strand of coronavirus has grounded everyone.

If you’re wondering how to support your family through the flu symptoms and are searching for remedies to help listen to the podcast I recorded in the wake of the Covid-19 exposure in our area. I mention other emotional issues associated with quarantine and the Bach Flower remedies to help.

Cold and Flu Remedies and Handling Anxiety during a Global Pandemic LIVE

Be well, sisters.