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Let’s Take Back Birth Together

Women are often coaxed into surgical procedures during labor by doctors who are uneducated on natural birth. The doctors in hospitals have all the skills they need to perform surgical births, but the number of natural births they have experienced is very slim. We rightly trust our doctors because we believe they have the education behind them to know what’s best.

Unfortunately, c-sections can be a way that doctors can get women in-and-out faster. Our OBs have been taught how to perform operations instead of how to coach us through a very natural feminine process. Did you know that since the 1980s, doctors have not been taught how to birth a breech baby? They aren’t even trained how to execute a completely normal human process anymore! Yes, of course we’re thankful for interventions when they are necessary, but the business of birth has too high a cost on women’s physical and mental health.

Did you know there’s an actual diagnosis for the fear of childbirth?

It’s called tokophobia.

Before I was pregnant, I thought I’d rather die than have a natural birth. Most of all my level of anxiety around the pain was sky high. I’d seen enough films and television portrayals to know that giving birth was a life or death situation– a down right medical emergency! 

Through the months leading up to my baby’s birth day I poured over podcasts, birth prep classes, youtube videos,  books and MORE books about natural birth. It was my full time job. I worked hard to prepare and eventually, I was mentally and physically prepared for a home birth with midwives in our tiny apartment.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without months of training, so why would you go into a an unpredictable physical exercise such as birth unprepared? Sister, I am here to give you the tools to you need to birth like the breeze. It’s not easy though.

You’re not only birthing your baby, you are giving birth to the mother within you.

It’s our right as women to own our power during the most feminine exercise, giving birth to new life. What a great privilege we bare. And it’s our duty as women to share the ancient wisdom of birthing within the sisterhood. That’s why I’m here, sister. Let’s hold hands while I help you through the work of blossoming into the mother.

My desire is to give you the tools to empower you in pregnancy, birth, and on your journey as a new mom! I love empowering women to believe they can do it themselves. I felt like a goddess giving birth, and you certainly can to! I’ve done the research for you and I I want to share what I’ve learned.

You can experience a magical birthing day. I did.

The work includes:

Jennifer pregnant with her daughter in 2016.
  • Learning how to work as a team with your baby and tools to use on the birth day to stay focused and open.
  • Yoga sequences and specific poses to teach you how to assist uterine contractions on the day of your baby’s birth. These poses worked so well for me that my first baby arrived in 6 hours.
  • How to choose your birth team and write a birth plan to actually support you.
  • Meditations to help you connect with your little baby.
  • Peek into my family’s home apothecary and learn which are my favorite herbs, Bach flower essences, and homeopathic remedies for pregnancy, babies, and postpartum families. It’s important to know what’s safely available to holistically support you along this path.
  • Using the mind to manifest the birth you desire.
  • Affirmations for pregnancy and motherhood to bring you peace and confidence in your own feminine power.
  • Crystals and other historical rituals to use on the birthing day.
  • Planning an enchanting blessingway to welcome your baby earthside.
  • Helpful wisdom about the breastfeeding basics.
  • Tons of resources to take you on your journey as a new mama. For my local clients, I share my beloved list of care providers in our area.

Ideally we’d have the whole course of your pregnancy to work together, but I have been able to offer positive impact on mothers even as late as the last month before birth! If you’re later in schedule then we can focus on your very specific needs- physically preparing for the birth day.

What if I feel scarred mentally from a previous birth trauma?

Not your first pregnancy?? Do not for one second feel shamed by your birth previous experience. Maybe the last one didn’t go how you’d planned. I can help you find peace in the past. The most important thing a mother must consider is their child’s safety, as well as their own! You’re the only one that can make the call when that day comes. 

You deserve to feel like a goddess during pregnancy and childbirth.

Let’s set you up confidently to have the most magical birthing experience. I’d be honored to walk with you on this intimate journey.
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Jennifer’s advice, guidance, and caring conversation was the single most influential part of my pregnancy and childbirth experience. Before I began working with Jennifer, I was unsure of my pregnancy and birthing choices. I thought I could stay with my OBGYN and “see how things go” when I eventually got to the delivery room. Most of the women in my family had a natural childbirth, so I figured I would be able to do the same without any planning or preparation. Although I had no fear surrounding childbirth itself, I was surprisingly anxious about being pregnant. It was a planned pregnancy, however I found myself overwhelmed with how fast everything was changing. Before working with Jennifer I would definitely describe the experience as “out of my control.” Jennifer listened to me and pointed me in the direction of information and resources to help guide my pregnancy and childbirth choices. Within weeks I made the decision to switch from an OBGYN to a more traditional, holistic midwife practice. I hired a birth doula and began reading everything I could get my hands on. Jennifer was an outstanding guide, always sending me encouragement and inspiration, as well as helpful information she came across that she wanted to share with me. I stopped having so much anxiety and began to see pregnancy as a beautiful, divine miracle. Jennifer guided me every step of the way, and I took almost every suggestion she gave me, from books, birthing classes, prenatal yoga, breastfeeding resources, supplements, to helping me find a certified prenatal chiropractor. Her tone was caring and honest, and I appreciated how she normalized some of the less spoken-about parts of pregnancy and childbirth. In the end, I had a powerfully transformative natural birthing experience in a hospital setting. I can’t imagine what my birth story would sound like if not for the amazing wealth of knowledge that Jennifer shared with me during this process. I will forever be grateful! – Heather