Herbs are extremely expensive to buy in the store and too often they are void of flavor for having been picked so long before being shipped and stocked on the grocery shelves. It’s much fresher to grow your own.

No experience necessary. You can have what I’ve heard called a “black thumb” and still grow herbs to use in your own kitchen. This guide will get you the right track.

Includes ideas outside of the common culinary norm for how to use ten medicinal herbs. These herbs are incredibly medicinal and are full of vitamins and minerals that you’re probably already trying to get from a daily multivitamin.



No matter if you have a window sill or an acre of land, this 30 page e-book will prove just how easy it is to grow and harvest your own herbs from your very own little kitchen garden. A kitchen garden is a location near the kitchen of your home that you can pop into while you’re cooking and snip the freshest swigs of rosemary, basil, or thyme. There is nothing like freshly picked herbs! This guide will get you started your own gardening journey. No matter how apprehensive you may feel about keeping a plant alive, this guide will give you the confidence you need.


  • Learn how to read your plants to see what the need and how to heal mistakes like overwatering.
  • Why you should say goodbye gross-ery store herbs
  • Where to buy plants and what to look for when doing so.
  • How to choose soil- yes, the dirt is important!
  • Botany Basics & Herbal profiles
  • Ideas for using herbs outside the culinary norm
  • How to harvest, preserve herbs in infusions, vinegars, and drying for winter use