We are one of the few cultures on earth that do not take pause to honor our elders or departed loved ones. Join us for this ancestral meditation under October’s second full moon.

Don’t worry! Though I’ve always heard the veil is thinnest on Halloween night, this is not a seance. Haha!

Been looking forward to this for a whole year! 



Wednesday, October 28 at 8pm

Let’s gather on the second full moon for October, for a special ancestral connection meditation. Don’t worry! Though I’ve always heard the veil is thinnest on Halloween night, this is not a seance. Haha!

The point of this event is simply to connect to the lineage that made you who you are and to help heal any ancestral pain you may unknowingly carry from the women in your family line. Includes workbook and recorded meditation for you to listen to at anytime. $10 registration fee. Zoom link will be sent to registrants one day before the event.

How to prepare:

  • Have fun searching for photos of departed loved ones. Get your family involved in the project.
  • If you can’t find photos then try to hunt up your family tree and imagine what those people were like.
  • Center your heart around gratitude for the women whose lives gave way to what you have today.
  • Journal about the talents and interests you hold that were inspired by your grandparents– or even generations before them.
Those are just a few thoughts to get you started thinking about how the past has molded you. I’ll see you under the Full Hunter’s Moon as we celebrate the sisters who came before us.