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Tend your garden. Tend your soul. 

Jennifer has a unique approach to holistic wellbeing. She combines her education in flower essences, medicinal herbs, and aromatherapy with Reiki and the well known benefits Yoga. Plant medicine, energy healing, mindful awareness, and physical wellbeing integrate naturally allowing for a more well-rounded treatment. Her complete healing approach allows a wide lens view of the individual based on the aspects of each person’s unique body, mind, and spirit. Explore the garden online and find out more about each individual healing method.

Your Personalized Consultation

These methods of healing can be magnificent accompaniments to conventional medical practices with the guidance of a skilled practioner.

Bach Flower Essences

Free yourself from negative emotions. You don’t have to feel trapped in the past, resentful of your loved ones, or emotionally exhausted anymore. A Bach Flower blend is specially formulated to match your specific emotional struggles. Once you start using the flower essences, you may never be the same.


We’ll discuss your goals and concerns in depth and discover which essential oils may be chosen to create your own unique regimine. You can expect to be a key player throughout the process, as each individual plays the most important role in their own healing. 


The healing medicine of the earth is real life magic. God gave us this green earth to use for good in our lives. Jennifer deeply appreciates the scientific properties for healing found within the plant kingdom. Ancient medical practices used plants for digestive, respiratory, skin issues, and so much more. You can get back to basics, too, by incorporating herbal remedies in your life.

Yoga Coaching

With a special focus on women’s physical health, Jennifer combines her training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga into an hybrid yoga teaching style focusing on quieting the mind and physical practice to obtain inner peace. Her passion lies in the connection between mother and child and she loves guiding thoughtfully crafted Mommy and Me, Family Yoga, Prenatal, and Postpartum sequences.

Pregnancy through Postpartum

Let’s take back birth together. You deserve to feel like a goddess during your pregnancy and birth. Before I was pregnant, I thought I’d rather die than have a natural birth. Most of all my level of anxiety around the pain was sky high. Have you ever heard of tokophobia? With all the fear associated with childbirth, every woman needs the warmth and wisdom of a confident sister by her side along her path to motherhood.

Education + Outreach


Have Jennifer lead a workshop where you and a small group (4-6 attendees) will have an overview of her approach or choose one specific area of focus. These events are perfect for yoga studios, mom groups, sororities, after hours bonding for coworkers, healthcare professionals, spa clients, massage therapists, athletic club members, and natural health shops wishing to deepen customer understanding.

Podcast & Online Sisterhood

We live in a global community today and the benefit of using the internet as another means of connection. Carefully curated, the Sisters in Motherhood, is a gathering of holistic moms in a free study group on Facebook.

In a monthly self-titled podcast, Garden of Gaia, Jennifer shares her passion for learning about holistic living. The podcast often highlights interviews with other like-minded mothers.

And of course, she posts on social media regularly with day-to-day examples of holistic living from her own family.

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